Standard Cut for a Split Half / Quarter Beef

See note below for eighth*

Approximate meat weight for Split Half from 137 lb hanging weight Steak thickness: 1” OR Roast size Number per package
17# of Chuck Roast 5# 1/package
7# of Rib Steak 1” 2/package
3# Rump Roast 3# 1/package
8# of Round Steak 1” 2/package
4# Sirloin Tip Steak 1” 2/package
4# of Top Sirloin Steak 1” 2/package
1# of Tenderloin Steak 1” 2/package
8# of T-Bone Steak 1” 2/package
1# Brisket 1# 1/package
2 # Soup Bones 2# 1/package
2# Stir Fry (Fajita Steak) 2# 1 package
2# Boneless Stew Meat 2# 1 package
3# of Short Ribs 3# 1/package
30# Ground Beef 1# 1/package

*Eighth: We also sell our beef in eighth, which is half of this quarter. As you can see from the quantities above, some of the pieces will simply not reasonably divide smaller that the above cuts. In this case, we divide it in the fairest way possible for all of our clients understanding that eighth packages will differ from one to the other with the goal of giving our clients a fair sampling of half of the above quantities.

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