Thinking about purchasing a side of beef or other bulk order but not quite sure if makes economic sense for your family? It’s a lot of meat, afterall, and a bit of a financial undertaking. Is it worth it? We think so, and here’s why. While the upfront cost of purchasing high-quality grass-fed, pastured meat in bulk seems high, a simple cost comparison shows that bulk purchases are actually less expensive over time than buying cuts “as needed” from a grocery store. This “Mint Life” article (the article is older, but the ratios still hold) does a great job of crunching the numbers for you, even taking into account the purchase of a new, dedicated freezer. If you still have questions, here are a few of the big ones, answered.

Take a look at the related Q&A's below, and then have a look at the article enitled How Much is a Side of Beef Per Pound, to learn more.

Do I need to “butcher” the meat myself?
No. We utilize the services of a third generation, master butcher who cuts and wraps individual pieces for ease of cooking at meal time. Ground beef, for example, is in one pound packages, while steaks are typically 2 per pack.

Will I get a variety of cuts?
Absolutely. Each package will contain a variety of cuts as well as cured items (pork only), including steaks, ribs, chops, ground, stew meat, sausage, bacon, ham, etc. We offer a “standard” cut for a no fuss option, but in most cases you can customize your order to your liking.

Do higher end cuts cost a premium?
No. Everything in your package is “per pound”, which means you’ll pay the same “per pound” price for a tenderloin medallion as you would for ground beef, at the lowest end of the cost spectrum. If you compare our bulk prices for certified organic, grass-fed meat to those of individual cuts at grocers like Safeway and Fred Meyer, the choice is clear. 

Will I be able to eat all that meat before it goes bad?
We offer a variety of packages, including whole, half or quarter animals (and as small as an eighth for beef), so you can choose the size that best suits your family’s needs. Additionally, the meat is flash frozen to -40°F and wrapped in cellophane then butcher paper, ensuring freshness for about 2 years, provided it is kept frozen and stored properly with the packaging intact.

Where does the meat come from?
Our ranch. More specifically, every piece of meat in your package will have come from a single animal (rather than multiple animals from locations far and wide) that was born and raised on pasture. Our steers, goats, and lambs consume a natural diet of nutritious, sweet grasses and are never fed grain, as most conventional meat is. This diet makes for consistently delicious flavor profiles.

Will my meat be drugged?
No. We are certified organic, and our animals are never fed antibiotics, growth hormones, steroids, stimulants or ionophores.

Is the beef aged?
Our beef is dry-aged, producing a rich, deep, meaty flavor. Many supermarket cuts are wet aged or not aged at all, which sometimes leads to less flavor and tougher meat.

How does the processing differ from that of individual cuts?
The processing of WSDA bulk meat is a bit easier on the animals, as they do not need to be transported to a facility first. They are processed humanely on premise, which is why we like to say they only have “one bad day”.   

Most importantly, you can visit our ranch and see where your meat comes from! 

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