American Pekin Duck History


Don’t you mean Peking duck? Not exactly. American Pekin duck, also known as Long Island Duck, is the most common domestic breed of duck used in meat and egg production in the United States. It was originally bred from the Mallard duck in China, then imported to Long Island in the 19th century. While most people have heard of, if not tasted, Peking duck, few realize that Peking (with a "g") is actually the name of the roasted duck dish popularized during the Peking Dynasty in what would later be known as Beijing.


Cooking & Nutrition


Today, Pekin Duck has a reputation for being a sophisticated kind of poultry. More complex in flavor than your average chicken or turkey, duck undoubtedly requires a bit of culinary savvy to prepare well, but if you can master the technique, you’ll be rewarded handsomely with a decidedly unique dining experience.  NOTE: Small feathers on the skin will remain. 

Compared with other duck breeds on the market, including Mallard, Moulard and Muscovy, Pekin duck is milder in flavor. And though it has garnered a bad rep among health fanatics for being too fatty, most of that fat is concentrated in the skin, so when the skin is removed, its fat content is comparable to that of skinless chicken. Speaking of fat, if you’re a fan of the Food Network or grew up eating Southern style cooking, you’re probably either curious about or familiar with incorporating duck fat into everyday cooking. Silky and flavorful, rendered duck fat makes a to-die-for addition to any dish you would otherwise use butter, lard or oil in the preparation. Learn more about duck fat here. For nutritional info and cooking tips, click here.


How We Raise Them


Our ducks are raised on certified organic pastures where they are free to forage on their own and soak up the sun, the way Mother Nature intended. We provide them with shelters, a pond and a supplementary diet of high quality organic grains. As with all of our offerings, they are never given growth hormones, antibiotics or ionophores. They are, as we like to say, drug free, and fall underneath the umbrella of our AWA (Animal Welfare Approved) certification, meaning that we uphold the highest level of humane treatment in raising them.

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