Any red meat connoisseur will tell you that there’s nothing quite so disappointing as a tough, over cooked cut of beef, particularly if you’ve spent good money on a beautiful grass fed, grass finished steak. Sadly, many a T-bone or Ribeye has been ruined on the grill, usually because home chefs try cooking it the same way they would conventionally produced meat. It takes us 2.5 to 3 years from conception to harvest to bring you our product, and we want to see you get the best eating experience possible, which is why we recommend you read up on cooking and prep suggestions before throwing any of our beef cuts on the grill. 

Because grass fed beef has less fat and water than conventionally produced meat, it really needs to be pampered a bit. Generally, it is recommended to cook it at a lower temperature for 30% less time than you would conventionally produced meat. Steaks should be cooked to rare or medium rare. If you prefer your meat well done, it's best to marinate them in advance or slowly roast them in sauces. Standard safe food handling applies. NEVER thaw meat in a microwave. Thaw either in the refrigerator (best method), particularly for larger cuts, or in room temperature water in a bag (if you have to). When it's time to cook, remember that simple ingredients like olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper go a long way to enhance your dishes while allowing the natural flavor of the meat to shine.

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