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*Whole and half portions are standard USDA cuts. Customizable WSDA bulk portions will be available again in Spring 2020. Individual cuts are available at our farmer's markets and on-site. 


Whole Spring Lamb Pricing:

SALE: $4.00/lb Live Weight | $8.00/lb Hanging Weight

(Reg. $4.50/lb Live Weight | $9.00/lb Hanging Weight) 

Estimated Price Breakdown for a Whole Spring Lamb:

120 lbs Live Weight ($540 @ $4.50/lb) = approx. 60 lbs Hanging Weight ($540 @ $9/lb) = TOTAL $540 for approx. 43 lbs Boxed Weight


Half Spring Lamb Pricing: 

SALE: $3.75/lb Live Weight | $8.50/lb Hanging Weight

$4.75/lb Live Weight | $9.50/lb Hanging Weight

Estimated Price Breakdown for a Half Spring Lamb:

60 lbs Live Weight ($285 @ $4.75/lb) = approx. 30 lbs Hanging Weight ($285 @ $9.50/lb) = TOTAL $285 for Approx. 21 lbs Boxed Weight


*WSDA requires that the animal is sold live. Live weight of sheep is approx. 80-120 lbs and includes head, hooves, blood, bone, cartilege, fat, offal, etc. Hanging weight  (approx. 40-80 lbs) is determined after the head, hooves, blood and offal have been removed. Boxed weight is slightly less than hanging weight due to bone and trim reduction during butchering. While all our animals are Certified Organic, WSDA processing is non-organic; call with questions.  


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