Our honest to goodness, free ranged laying hens are free to roam about the property, from the hen house to the field and everywhere in between. They subsist on a diet of foraged grass (up to about 30% of their diet), worms and insects.

No Corn or Soy in These Birdies

Our supplemental feed is a combination of organic dried peas and barley that we grind in our own hammer mill.  


Eggs are available for pick up from our ranch, from our Bellevue drop site, and from our supportive area vendors:                                                                

Better Life Natural Foods: 111 West 6th Avenue, Ellensburg, WA                                                                                                                                                       

Maggie's Pantry: 416 S 2nd St., Roslyn, WA



Mother Earth News: Why choose organic eggs from pastured birds over conventional? 

How to Decode Egg Cartons: Making heads or tails of egg carton labels.


Carton of Eggs


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