GoatsIf you've tried goat and decided once was enough, we're here to change your minds. When cooked properly, goat has a wonderfully balanced sweet and savory profile with rich, meaty flavor. Most bad experiences can be chalked up to improperly prepared goat or goat that dined on the wrong roughage while on the hoof...or both. Our goats are grassfed and finished, raised on pasture munching Ellensburg's famed sweet grasses and nothing more. Their meat is tender, incredibly lean and mild, yet distinctive, offering a unique and unparalleled dining experience. WSDA orders of whole goats may be customized to your liking, with crowd pleasing cuts including rib and loin chops, roasts, spare ribs, kabob cubes, stew chunks and ground meat for easy dinners.


The Boer Breed

The development of the Boer goat in the early 1900s can be traced to the Dutch farmers of South Africa. With a tendency to wander afield (ours have ended up 4 miles NW at the turbine farm resulting in a 6 a.m. call from the Sheriff), they aren't the easiest animals to maintain, but with exceptional quality and outstanding flavor, we find them to be worth the effort. Check out The American Boer Goat Association website here for more info on the Boer breed. 

Order Options

WSDA Whole: Each whole package includes a variety of chops, ribs, steaks, ground and stew meats and may be customized to your liking. Cut sheets are available on our website here, but if you need help we recommend the cut guide at The American Lamb site, as lamb cuts are identical to goat cuts. Per WSDA guidelines, all our animals are sold by live weight (which includes head, hooves, bones, blood, offal etc). For goats, the live weight varies from approximately 70-100 pounds. The hanging weight (after removal of head, hooves, most bones, offal, etc.) is about 50% of the live weight. The actual meat you receive (boxed weight) will be less due to the cutting away of the remaining bones and fat. We are able to provide you with the average weight of a goat for estimating purposes, but each animal is different and your final price will reflect this. The butchering fee is calculated into the purchase price, but will need to be paid directly to the butcher; the exact amount will be tallied based on boxed weight. Once your meat is ready, it can be picked up at the ranch or our affiliated drop point in Bellevue

USDA Cuts: If supplies are available, we offer USDA pieces that are cut, portioned, wrapped and freezer-ready so customers can try a couple chops or a few pounds of ground without committing to a whole purchase. Call or email to see what's available.  

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