WSDA Certified Organic Heritage Turkeys

Rich, juicy and full-flavored, our Certified Organic Narragansett Heritage Breed Turkeys are sure to be the star of your holiday table. Just like the birds that graced your grandparents' tables (and great grandparents and great, great grandparents...), our heritage breed turkeys are untouched by modern feats of food engineering. They're also raised the old fashioned way - with plenty of sunshine and room to roam. This natural lifestyle comes with lots of benefits. Exercise makes for darker breast meat, which equates to a deeper flavor throughout. And since they take about 50% longer to grow to half the size of a conventional, factory raised turkey, they have time to develop a layer of fat beneath the skin, which imparts even more flavor and keeps the bird moist while cooking. By purchasing heritage breed turkeys, you're not only getting a supremely flavorful centerpiece for your holiday dinner, your supporting the effort to bring back breeds of yesteryear that are, sadly, vanishing. So if you're looking for a taste of Old America and a rustic dining experience to share with friends and family, place your deposit today by clicking here.

Our birds are typically between 8 to 18 pounds with a suggested serving of 1 1/2 to 2 pounds/person.  We offer two convenient options for picking up:

  1. Frozen: These will be butchered and frozen in early November and available for pick up both at our affiliated Bellevue office and at our ranch. Delivery to Belleuve is contingent upon weather and Snoqualmie Pass driving conditions but we typically make the trip over about 10 days prior to Thanksgiving.     
  2. Fresh: We'll have a 2nd butchering on the Monday prior to Thanksgiving for those who wish to have a fresh/never frozen turkey. These can be picked up from our ranch Tuesday or Wednesday from 8am onward. *Fresh turkeys are available for pick up at ranch ONLY. 


Cooking Tips:

Heritage breeds are old school turkeys raised the old fashioned way, so recipes created for new fangled breeds probably won't have the crowd-pleasing results you're hoping for. Their darker meat, more proportional size (i.e. they don't have enormous breasts), and smaller stature call for different cooking techniques. We recommend doing a little research before cooking. The following websites have some helpful tips and recipes:

Consistent with all offerings, our animals are never fed nor given antibiotics, growth hormones, steroids, stimulants or ionophores, and our fields do not receive herbicides or pesticides, bringing you a healthier product from a sustainable ranching operation. Our ranch has the very difficult to attain WSDA Organic Certification on its pastures, turkeys and other animals.  

TurkeysTerminology: There are some incorrectly used terms when asking for pastured Certified Organic turkeys. “Free Range” is a term used primarily in the egg industry indicating a certain degree of non-confinement. The degree of confinement is the question which can vary a great deal. Unlike our egg layers, which truely “free range” anywhere on our ranch, our turkeys are “pastured”, meaning they have access to grass to eat but are in a fenced area. They have shelters which they can retreat to in order to escape aerial predators and adverse weather.

“Natural” is a term typically meaning farming and ranching using no chemical or manufactured products including synthetics and is a couple notches below our WSDA Certified Organic status. The above description is certainly a “cage free” environment which is used in the egg industry. The best way to see how freely ranging our animals are is to come for a visit, which we strongly encourage.

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