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We sell our Certified Organic Pastured Pig by WSDA Whole or Half, as well as individual USDA cuts, when available. Due to high demand, our pig orders are currently backlogged until Fall of 2019; we recommend that you email for the current wait time.  


WSDA Pricing:

WHOLE: $4.60/lb Live Wt. | $7.90 Hanging Wt.

Average Cost Estimate:

260 lbs Live Wt. (@ $460/lb) = approx. 151 lbs Hanging Wt. (@ $7.90/lb)  + $1/lb fee (for approx. 50 lbs cured bacon, ham and hocks) = $1243 for approx. 109 lbs Boxed Weight

*Hanging weight on a whole pig varies from 130 to 250 lbs. 


HALF: $4.85/lb Live Wt. | $8.40/lb Hanging Wt.

Average Cost Estimate:

130 lbs Live Wt. (@ $4.85/lb) = approx. 75 lbs Hanging Wt. (@ $8.40/lb) + $1/lb fee (for approx. 25 lbs cured bacon, ham and hocks) = $655 approx. 54 lbs Boxed Weight

*Hanging weight on a half pig varies from 65 to 125 lbs.


*WSDA requires that the animal is sold live. Live weight includes head, hooves, blood, bone, cartilege, fat, offal, etc. Hanging weight is determined after the head, hooves, blood and offal have been removed. Boxed weight is slightly less than hanging weight due to bone and trim reduction during butchering. WSDA orders of whole and half are fully customizable. Learn the difference between live weight, hanging weight and boxed weight HERE. While all our animals are Certified Organic, WSDA processing is non-organic; call with questions. 



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