Many terms are used inaccurately when talking about grass fed, grass finished and pastured livestock. There is a huge difference between “grass fed” and “grass finished”. All cattle are grass fed when they are young and virtually all are grain finished, i.e. fattened prior to butchering. “Grass finished” means cattle are fed grass their entire life and not fed grain.  “Pastured” means livestock receive a significant portion of their nutrition from organically managed pasture and stored dried forages.  Unlike grass fed livestock, pasture raised livestock may receive supplemental organic grains. “Free range” is another misunderstood term used primarily in the egg industry indicating a certain degree of non-confinement, but is sometimes inappropriately used in the livestock industry. Unlike our egg layers, which truly range free anywhere on our ranch, our livestock are “pastured”, meaning they have access to grass to eat but they are contained in a fenced area spanning multiple acres. No one would want a herd of cattle freely wandering around their ranch, plowing through the flower beds, trapsing about the deck and blocking highway traffic. The best way to see how freely ranging our animals are is to come for a visit.

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