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Grass Fed and Grass Finished pastured beef born & raised on our Ranch.

Our Certified Organic American Kobe/Angus Beef is a cross between the Japanese Wagyu breed and Black Angus. If you've never heard of Wagyu, you're not alone. Wagyu beef is better known as Kobe, but only if it's raised in Kobe Japan, much the same way sparkling wine is only called Champagne if it's made in the Champagne region of France. We just call it American Kobe, Wagyu, or simply, delicious. We made the switch from straight Angus to Wagyu/Angus cross after discovering that the pairing, which literally combines the best of both worlds, produces a higher marbled quality meat than straight Angus. All of our cattle are grass fed and grass finished, then dry-aged to perfection, creating an intensely flavorful end product that keeps our customers coming back for more.


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