Why choose grassfed beef? In addition to the many reasons we could cite from the humane treatment of animals to sustainable ranching practices, we believe grassfed beef is just plain healthier. Here are a few statistics for you to chew on. 

Grassfed beef has 500% more Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) than grained beef. CLA is an essential fatty acid that, in animal studies, has shown to be:

  • Anti-carcinogenic: Studies have shown it not only reduces the likelihood of cancer, but it actually suppresses the growth of cancer cells.
  • Anti-diabetic
  • Anti-atherosclerosis (heart disease)
  • Increases immunity to disease
  • Increases bone density

Check out what the USDA has to say about Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

Compared to grainfed beef, grassfed beef has:

  • 400% more Vitamin A
  • 300% more Vitamin E 
  • 78% more Beta-carotene
  • 75% more Omega-3

You don't have to worry about Mad Cow Disease. We will never have this issue in our herd. Why? Because our grassfed, pastured cattle are never fed animal parts, which is the cause of Mad Cow Disease. 

We don't use Meat Glue, a.k.a. Pink Slime. Most people are not aware of this bizaar food additive, though it received a lot of press via ABC a few years ago. ABC was sued for it’s disclosure and prevailed in court for its reporting. Finely Textured Beef / Meat Glue / Pink Slime is in most of the fast food you consume. 

Dairy cows are for milk; our meat cows are for meat. It's been reported that 20% of the beef in grocery stores comes from retired old dairy cows. Our beeves (beef cattle) are bred, born and raised as meat animals to bring you the very best flavor.

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