After lots of reading and continued trial and error, we have carefully curated the breeds we feel bring out the best possible qualities and characteristics of each animal, from taste, first and foremost, to presentation and our ability to reasonably fufill their unique nutrition and space requirements. Here are the breeds we currently offer, with some interesting factoids about each.


Our Wagyu cattle come from Japan with bloodlines from Michifucu, Fukutsuru-068, Mt.Fuji, Mazda, Takazakra, and Suzutani. For those interested in top quality lineage, these are among the best from Japan. This is an exceptionally interesting link which offers terrific information on the history of the Wagyu breed with roots here in Ellensburg and Washington State University.  Our Black Angus cattle are of Scottish decent, having been imported to the US in 1873, and are known for their excellent marbling and uniformity of fat throughout, which creates great taste for the consumer. 

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