Through the next five, frigid months the Newhalls are growing summer greens

North Kittitas County Tribune

Farm fields are quietly waiting for blankets of snow and the promise of a deep sleep through winter, but atop the ridge above Thorp at Ellensburg’s Windy N Ranch, Brad Newhall is planting and harvesting inside an insulated shipping container—a cycle that defies the will of Old Man Winter.

As he explained, “by growing and harvesting our own fodder, we’re able to butcher animals throughout the year. Anyone raising grassfed, grass-finished animals, in fact anyone who raises animals for marketable meat knows you have to slaughter when they’re on the gain, when they’re gaining weight in late summer and fall.

Easter icons come alive at Windy N Ranch

North Kittitas County Tribune

On the ridge overlooking Thorp is Ellensburg’s organic Windy N Ranch, a Noah’s Ark of sorts and the animal birthing capitol of the area this time of year shouting the sentiments of spring and Easter.

Said Greg Newhall and partner Gary Jones, “We’ve got 198 calves on the way, along with 70 lambs and 60 kids (baby goats).

“Our inventory will soon grow to 700 egg-laying chickens, 60 egg-laying ducks and 11 pigs, along with 2,400 meat chickens, 600 Ring Neck pheasants and 300 heritage turkeys for Thanksgiving 2015.”

Windy N Ranch receives a grant, certification

Daily Record News

Windy N Ranch of Ellensburg recently was awarded a Good Husbandry Grant from Animal Welfare Approved, a third-party certification program and food label for sustainable, high-welfare, pasture-based farming, according to a news release from AWA.

AWA promotes innovative, forward-thinking farming practices through its Good Husbandry Grants program, funding projects across the nation that improve animal welfare and allow pasture-based farmers to increase productivity for their operations.


Birds of Paradise: Heritage Turkeys

Experience Life

On a thousand acres near Ellensburg, Wash., Greg and Laurie Newhall raise cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens and—as of this year—turkeys. This place, Windy N Ranch, is a free-range pasture paradise. And the turkeys here aren’t your average supermarket-variety birds, but a heritage breed called Black Spanish, one of 11 breeds (including Bourbon Red, Narragansett and White Holland) that the American Livestock Breeds Association is working to protect from extinction.