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Ranch FamilyWe are a family owned diversified meat ranch specializing in beef, pig, lamb, goat, fryer chickens, stewing hens, and free range chicken eggs all on our Certified Organic pastures. Our goal is to produce the cleanest and most nutritional food for the continued health of you and your family, while ensuring that our animals live the best life possible. To that end, our animals are never fed nor given antibiotics, growth hormones, steroids, stimulants or ionophores and our certified organic fields do not receive herbicides or pesticides. These proceedures are assured with our Certified Organic certification overseen by the Washington State Department of Agriculture as well as our Animal Welfare Approved certification both requiring a minimum of a yearly inspection.  We are located in Ellensburg in the center of Washington State just east of the Cascade Mountains.

We enthusiastically promote tours of our ranch so that we can explain and show how we operate and care for our animals. We believe this is an important aspect in building the client/rancher relationship as it allows you to be connected to the source of your food, and we’ve found that people who have been on our ranch turn into big flag wavers. We are Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) and USDA Certified Organic, both of which are difficult certifications to obtain. Getting your order is easy! You can schedule a pick up right here at the ranch, or, alternatively, we also make frequent trips to an affiliated Bellevue office where you can pick up your order. Organize your group or family and come on out to see how clean, nutritional food can be produced in an environmentally sustainable ranching operation with the welfare of the animals as a top priority.


We feed Certified Organic Barley sprouts, aka Fodder to our beeves and poultry in the winter when our grasses are not growing. This allows our animals to have their "salad" so to speak and to maintain a high plane of nutrition during the wintertime, which is simply not possible with hay alone. In that we do not feed grains to any of our ruminants which are completely grass fed and grass finished, (keep in mind that this is sprouted so is a grass) our Fodder allows for continuing animal gains during the non-grass growing season.

Contact Information
Ellensburg Location
 3650 Passmore Road, Ellensburg, WA 98926
Bellevue Pickup
 12515 Bel Red Road, Suite 500, Bellevue, WA 98005
Greg Newhall: greg@windynranch.com
Laurie Newhall: laurie@windynranch.com