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We are so thrilled with all of the products we have received: Pork, beef, chicken, turkey, eggs. Can't wait for our first lamb! The quality and flavor is exceptional, but after meeting you and visiting the farm, I feel so completely grateful to be able to provide my family with the best quality meat available. Thank you. We made an easy and delicious recipe for beef liver pate this week- using Windy N bacon and beef liver. This is delicious. Everyone in my family was happy to eat it. When the animals are this healthy, the liver is an incredibly nutrient-dense resource! From Anne Angelone's www.paleobreakthrough.com- it's a free download: BEEF LIVER PATE WITH BACON •3/4 pound beef liver •1/3 cup olive oil, more to taste •2 Tbsp capers •3 tsp fresh thyme •2 tsp fresh rosemary •3 strips of bacon •1 Tbsp lemon juice •Sea salt to taste Preparation 1. Cook and chop bacon, set aside 2. Sautee beef liver in olive oil 3. Add herbs, capers, lemon juice and simmer until liquid is almost gone. 4. Add salt to taste, blend with bacon in Cuisinart, refrigerate. Serves 4-5. YUM!
The 40# deboned shoulder (from the half-pig picked up a few months ago) was a big hit this 4th. It was cut in to 8 portions to fit in two smokers, rubbed with Dillo Rub (a central texas sweet rub) and smoked for 6 hours. The original plan was to smoke it to “pulled pork” consistency but decided that would be over-cooked for the quality of the pork. It was smoked to 155 internal temp, then sliced thinly and put in a large pan with hot cooking juices and a little beer. There it sat on “warm” until people were ready to eat. 23 guests, so lots of leftovers went home. I’ve received several emails that over the week it seemed to make better sandwiches as it matured. We also made campfire popcorn two ways. One night was made with grease rendered from my home-made bacon (from the Berkshire). The second we used a half-cup of fine-diced back fat from the shoulder, rendered that until we had about quarter cup of liquid and then turned the heat up so we could brown the remaining small (1/8”) pieces of fat. The popcorn was made including the small pieces of browned fat. Everyone agreed the second way was best, most preferring it over traditional butter. It really highlighted the differences between grocery-store pork and your Berkshire.
Hey Greg, Andrey had dropped off the 2 remaining boxes tonight. Total weight is about 260 lbs which is approx. 68% of 377 hanging weight (closely matches estimates on your website). We all (4 families of friends) would like to thank you for the hard work (considering this hard summer) and the food for the winter. Also, I wanted to say this: what you guys are doing is a right thing to do (for everybody) and we hope you don't ever stop, regardless of the obstacles. It's unfortunate that people are not aware (or don't care) of what they eat but it's changing, albeit slowly. We also hope you guys reach full organic status, it'll definitely will help you a lot in the future. On our side, we are going to spread the word out to support you and bring you more clients. Thank you once again and have a great holiday season!
Dmitry & Nataliya
Greg, The beef is amazing! I tried it last night and it was awesome. I'm so excited to have a freezer full of it to last through the winter! And I noticed you only charged us $4.50/lb for our quarter, so you gave us a heck of a deal. Thank you!!! :o)
Greg, thanks for the nice note. Anne and I enjoyed meeting your son Bradley, you must be very proud (what an Excellent young man). You're family business photos are near perfection. They make me home sick for Texas. Looking forward to seeing your operation the next time we're in the area.
Jim Colquitt
Hey Greg: When I picked up our turkey, Laurie asked me to get back to you guys and let you know how it was because it was a new breed for you this year. Our bird was DELICIOUS! We soaked it overnight in a honey/saltwater brine and it made it very moist and tender! We cooked it breast-side down like we usually do, and the white meat was just exquisite. We enjoyed this bird very much. I adjusted my cooking time down from what the various cooking websites recommended because I'd read that free range birds tend to cook a little more quickly than the store-bought fatties, and I was glad I cooked it for slightly less time because it came out PERFECT. Anyway, just wanted to give feedback on that. We'll definitely be getting our bird from you guys next year!
I just wanted to say that I roasted our first Windy N Ranch chicken tonight and it was SO delicious!! Chicken never tasted so amazing! We will be customers forever :-) Thanks for all your hard work farming the way it should be done!!
Hello Greg, Merry Christmas to you and your family my friend!!. I hope this is one of many emails thanking you for your passion and for what you do. For Christmas Eve dinner I roasted a couple of your chickens for my family. You should have seen their faces and heard the comments. I know that sometimes our passions can be thankless and I did not want to let that happen to you this Christmas season. What you do is truly extraordinary and I for one am so glad I found your operation. Let me see if I can pass on a bit of the consensus of our incredibly simple but rustically sublime Christmas dinnerJ From Phil’s passionate foodie sister… this was one of the most sublime dining experiences of my life (and believe me, I’ve had a few…). I will be visiting your establishment to purchase a variety of products in the new year…I wish you the best in your efforts to produce such beautiful healthy food. Thanks for the earth soul connection. From Phil’s brother, Kurt I must say that your chickens are truly amazing my friend. It was an honor and a privilege to partake of your chickens. Thank you very much for all that you do! Hi Greg, Larry here. I feel truly fortunate to be of acquaintance to some of your product. We are no strangers to the earth friendly club in our home in Bellingham, I applaud your efforts. Ok there you go buddy…..there are others here 12 in all but they are all looking a little too satisfied to make it to the keyboard but I think I can speak for everyone that we so truly enjoyed your product and thank you so much for providing it for us. We wish you and your family the best this holiday season and I for one can’t wait for some eggs!!!!
Hi Greg, Wanted to let you know that we cooked a chuck roast yesterday evening... it was by far the best roast I have ever had! The flavor was amazing and the meat practically melted in our mouths (even though I over cooked it a little bit) ;-) And correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't a chuck roast considered not as premium of a roast as others? If so, I'm amazed because it was so delicious. My kids asked for a 2nd serving, a 3rd serving and even a 4th - that has never happened before! Thank you again for what you do - I sure appreciate being on the receiving end! Have a wonderful day.
We've been customers for a few years now for both beef and pork. We were reluctant to go with an Eastern WA producer living in Pugetopolis. Greg's dedication to the business and willingness to deliver to this area has dropped any fears we had. The new Wagyu cross is by far the best grass fed beef we've ever had. The quality of the steaks are finally on par with grain fed and you know they are much healthier. The pig is also very good. Their butchering and packaging are among the best we've seen.
Greg, In my opinion, the fact that you drove all the way into Seattle during rush hour to finish the delivery of our beef is evidence that the article is 100% true... proud to be a customer.
The Dahlstroms
I just wanted to say thank you. With two toddlers, we always make sure they're eating the best possible food we can get. Y'all are the best. If we're at a restaurant and not home to eat your meat, the girls are vegetarians. We appreciate all the hard work y'all put in, and my husband lights up like a kid in a toy store when we head out to pick up some meat and eggs from you guys. Worth every penny!
The Glasgalls
Hi Greg, Thanks for sending the article. After reading it my husband, Duane, and I appreciate the lamb and beef even more. We appreciate you and your family's commitment and sacrifice in order to provide us with healthy and wholesome food. You can depend on our annual support. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Dear Workers on the Windy N Ranch, I've been so enjoying your eggs which I get at Delana's Better Life store (Better Life Natural Foods at 111 West 6th Ave, Ellensburg). But I never knew just how good these eggs were for us....'til I read Joel Salatin's interview in the Sun magazine. Now I know why they taste so different, so good.....Your chickens get to walk around on our earth in a pasture.....happy! Your chickens are not jailed with thousands more chickens in a cubicle without fresh air, without exercise, without company, without happiness. After reading Salatin's 15 pages in the Sun, I read your label and said, WOW! Right here in Ellensburg we can enjoy chickens raised in Mother Nature's world. Mr. Salatin tells us how much better they are for us. They sure taste great! Thanks for doing the extra farm work it takes to produce these good eggs.
I grilled up some goat steaks tonight and would just like to say that they were phenomenal. After purchasing a 1/2 of beef from you, which by the way is the best beef that I have eaten, I was thinking that the goat would just be a filler protein. However, I was blown away from the flavor. Thanks for the recommendation. Next year our plan is to purchase another goat and a lamb.
Tim Hugg
Thank you for everything. I cannot begin to express how pleased my family and I are to source our food from Windy N Ranch. Hope you and your family have a happy holiday season.
After visiting the Newhall’s & Jones’ picturesque ranch back in May, the thought of ranch life intrigued me all summer. When I sheepishly (pun intended) asked Greg if Windy N Ranch would be ever-so-slightly open to taking us on as newbie ranch hands for a trial period, he gave me a resounding YOU BETCHA! Gulp! What were we getting ourselves into? Over the period of three weeks, staying in Laurie's adorably-appointed Western studio on-site, my 12 and 8 year old sons and I traded in our flip flops for boots, feeding everything that walked, from bottle feeding calves to tossing green bales of hay at a seemingly endless caravan of cattle to mixing mineral cocktails for the sheep and goats. It took two of us to lift a bag of chicken feed but fortunately we each had enough strength to hoist 5 gallon buckets of pig feed over the electric fence. The boys got crafty at chasing down runaway turkeys and chicken with fishing nets. Who needs Crossfit here? Most afternoons were spent "stealing chicken eggs," according to my 8 year old, from pecking red hens none too pleased at our daily collection. The magical night skies (including a spectacular ruddy lunar eclipse) inspired many an evening walk of quiet contemplation. And good thing we remembered our kites! As we bumbled our way through each day, the Newhalls and team simply smiled at our foibles and with the patience of Job always got us back on track with their undivided attention. We were astounded at how much they let us participate above and beyond the basics. The lines between work and fun blurred for the boys, as they delighted in all of the new experiences of ranch duties– the absence of electronic entertainment went almost completely unnoticed. Greg threw me in the middle of the butchering festivities, my hands deep in the warm entrails of the very chickens we had fed and cared for the previous day, separating gizzards from craws...not the part of the process we like to think about when noshing on the distinctively delectable meats from WNR. We were even included in the rescue efforts of a large herd of cattle that had escaped from their pasture, learning the careful art of charades with a bull. Bradley offered to let us administer shots to the cattle–a treat we declined but watched up close with utter fascination. One sunny Sunday morning, after milking a cow, the boys donned bee catcher’s suits, a Newhall "hobby," and savored divine honey straight out of the combs. Did we mention Lisha's cherry tomatoes? No need for vending machines here.

With a small crew of fun-loving and hardworking guys, we were astounded by the variety of each day's work. One minute they're welding parts and the next they're swabbing cattle eyeballs with giant Q-tips. We were mesmerized as we watched them lead a gaggle of chicken from one enclosure to another, using sticks and feeding pans as makeshift instruments to lull the birds from point A to point B like pied pipers. All I can say is that no textbook could convey the choreography involved in producing clean and nourishing protein for our sustenance. Yes, we all work extra hard every day so we can afford to spend more for quality, but witnessing the process first hand has given my family a much deeper appreciation for the dedication and perseverance, not to mention painfully strategic planning, required for such a luxury. While I don't think I'm cut out for cattle ranching, I'm definitely up for manning a chicken coop and a pig pen! Thanks so much to the Newhall and Jones families for such a transformative experience!
Megan Redmond Family Experiences Ranch Life
"I picked up my half a lamb today and made lamb chops for dinner tonight. I just have to rave about the quality of the meat. One of my grandfathers was a sheep rancher and the other was a cattle rancher, so we are very picky. Truly the best lamb we have ever had. I have already shared with two friends and plan to spread your name far and wide."
Shannon McMinimee
Hi Greg, We wanted to send you and your family a note of gratitude for the incredible work you do at Windy N Ranch. After enjoying beef from one of your cows, we will never be able to buy beef from a commercial store again. The flavor of everything from the roasts to the ground beef are so extraordinary, even our humble hamburgers taste awesome! We're looking forward to roasting (or maybe deep frying) the turkeys at Thanksgiving and we'll be placing an order for a lamb early next year. From visiting your ranch, we could see how much commitment it takes to raise these animals and we're so honored and appreciative to be the beneficiaries of your efforts. Thank you for providing us (and so many others) with such healthy, beautiful and delicious food!
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